I’m not good at sending error symbols, but I think I may have sent one. It seemed silly to send a bug notice about a tool that says it’s not available for 2021

Appreciate all the help. Thank you so much. Not quite the end, but I think the tool would be useful for making quick location plans.

Try this: Dual line v6x

“It is now recoded for MAC and PC compatibility and is suitable for v8 to >=v2015.
TAB (above) now opens the dialog on MAC and PC.”

Or 1001 bit tools

Thank you Mihai,

double line v6x seems to work. There is no icon that I can keep on a toolbar, so I have to pull down the tool from the menubar each time. It also doesn’t show the line thickness until I click enter. As it stands, I’m not sure it’s more useful than just drawing a single line of the interior measurements of a space and then going back and giving it the thickness of the wall. The 1001 bit tools look good in the gif above, but when I test it, it requires me to set a profile (aka give it height) and that’s what I’m trying to avoid at this point in the modeling. I’ll play around a bit more and see if maybe the double line tool could be useful. Thanks again.


I have developed a 2D line extension


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You are welcome!

Or you can assign and use a hotkey


You do not need to set any profile or height.


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Thank you. I played around with the 1001 wall tool again and saw that I don’t need to set a height, but it’s still very twitchy. I click on something and everything disappears and so on. I think I want something the author says is good for 2021 and maybe my M1 chip too. That being said, the doulbe line works. I’ll see if I can find something that meets that criteria, but I can set a shortcut for it. That’s something you should do more of. I really appreciate you taking the time to help. The Adebeo 2d wall looks good. I’ll see if you have a free trial or easy cancel. Happy to pay if it’s something that will be useful to me, but I want to establish that first. Best, Todd

Hello Denis,

Seems like it might work for me. Unfortunately, the US is not in the dropdown menu on the order page where I have to choose my country at checkout. Let me know, Todd

Thanks Dennis,

Can’t buy it in the US? I’m on the site, but it doesn’t have the option to choose USA in the country list.


Good day. Well, yesterday I had some silly problems that I seem to have solved. It looks like the function that will work for me is the V6x double line tool with a shortcut. I have it set up, but somewhere in the process, the menu that allows me to choose the features of the wall has disappeared. Have I tried removing and reinstalling without success? Any idea what I’ve done with it? I can set the width via the measurements window, but the other options in the disappeared menu are no longer available to me.

For what it’s worth, I considered the Adebeo extension for 2D walls, but it’s $70 on the US site with no support and no clear way to refund it on the website if it’s not better for me than the other free options. Pathetically it took me a while to find the US site. Thanks again.

I found out. Thank you all.

For what it’s worth, I use the rectangle tool. Just draw a simple rectangle the width of the walls.
you want to draw, make this a component, call it ‘new wall’ or whatever you like. This can then
be placed (and rotated as needed) where you want your walls to be and scaled to the required length.
Once your plan is complete you can explode all the wall components and/or just select a ‘wall’
component, if you want a 3D model, enter the component and ‘push/pull’ to the chosen wall height
and lo and behold, all your walls transform to the same height! very fast and easy.

Thanks for your feedback. we set up the website for ourselves a few weeks ago (before the holidays). We found out that the price has been changed on the US website due to translation.

Based on your comment, we will clarify the condition.

I just joined the community. I can’t find exactly where to post my questions. however the question is can i draw a double line with sketchup pro 2022?

A quick search in the extension store will turn up an extension that will allow you to do just that.

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