A new SketchUp Labs project: Trackpad Navigation

I also love the very natural two-finger touchpad controls in the web version, and I don’t understand why they aren’t available in my “Pro” version. Do I have to hold THREE keys AND click and hold the trackpad to scroll within an operation?

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Click h to enter Pan tool, then click and drag on the trackpad.
Click Esc to return to the previous tool.

ADD:I’m not disparaging better trackpad navigation, just saying.

Thanks, I know. It’s very awkward having to divert your attention from what you’re looking at on the screen to do that. A modifier key (or esc) is fine, a letter key like O and H is not.

Thanks @DanRathbun! I learned something from you. I didn’t know that pressing ESC would take you back to the current operation. That’s a game changer for me. It’s still not as elegant as the web version, but it’ll do.

Your greatest welcome. I can’t take credit for it as camera manipulation tools have always worked in this “switch” mode (where ESC returns to the previous tool).

I thought for sure that this fact should be in SketchUp Help, but checking the help page where it should say, you find No mention:

On Mac, there is an accessibility setting where you can set three fingers on the trackpad to be the same as a mouse down. With that on, I can briefly press control and command, tap three fingers on my trackpad, and start orbiting. Then I can release both keys and two of my fingers, and then I’m in orbit gently stroking the trackpad with one finger. It’s an incredibly smooth way to work.

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I agree. If it can be done on the web version, do it on the Pro version. I also switch back and forth and it only makes sense to make similar navigation that is more natural.

Two years later + the last update of 2023 and still there is no trackpad support for the PRO version.

We are two now! I only use trackpad

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