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San Jose, United States – Supermicro, Inc., a total provider of cloud, AI/ML, storage and 5G/Edge IT solutions, announces the latest addition to its family of ultra-high-performance, high-density, petascale-class all-flash NVMe servers. Supermicro systems in this family of high-performance storage products will support the next-generation EDSFF form factor, including E3.S and E1.S devices, in form factors that support 16 and 32-bay PCIe Gen5 NVMe drives. high performance.

The initial offering of the updated product line will support up to half a petabyte of storage space in a 1U, 16-bay rackmount system, followed by a full petabyte of storage space in a 1U rackmount system. 2U and 32 bays for Intel and AMD PCIe Gen5 platforms.

“Supermicro continues to address the requirements of our users with innovative solutions for the workloads of today and tomorrow,” said Charles Liang, Supermicro’s president and CEO. “With up to a petabyte of storage in a standard rackmount system, users can quickly access massive amounts of data at their fingertips. The new storage system is compact and energy efficient and will provide our users with the lowest latency and highest bandwidth in the industry. The performance and capacity of these new systems allow customers to gain insights using advanced AI technologies. Using our building block architecture, we are able to bring the latest technologies to market faster, providing users with advanced systems as part of our Total IT Solutions rack-scale offerings.”

As the evolution of CPU, GPU, and memory technologies continue to increase the speed and amount of data processed by modern compute clusters, there is also a need to improve storage performance to feed data to applications without becoming in a bottleneck that slows down the entire system. Supermicro’s Petascale All-Flash servers offer performance and storage capacity, allowing customers to reduce the number of rackmount systems needed to meet their warm and hot tier storage requirements, lowering total cost proprietary.

The new Intel-based systems are powered by dual 4th-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors up to 270W TDP and contain up to 32 DIMMs of DDR5-4800 MHz memory, for a total of 8TB of memory. Additionally, 4th generation AMD EPYC processors power AMD-based systems up to 350W TDP and 24 DIMMs of DDR5-4800MHz memory. These systems are designed for computationally intensive applications with massive I/O requirements and large memory requirements.

Two full-height, half-length PCIe Gen5 x16 slots support advanced xPUs and smart NICs, allowing users to streamline operations using the emerging NVMe-Over-Fabric or GPU-accelerated storage that is now revolutionizing traditional IT. Two additional Supermicro PCIe Gen5 x16 AIOM (Advanced I/O Module) slots provide enhanced field serviceability and connection compatibility with a wide spectrum of OCP 3.0 out-of-the-box network cards. The new NUMA symmetric balance architecture reduces latency by providing the shortest signal paths to drives, a balance of bandwidth for storage, and flexible network options. The symmetrical design also facilitates even airflow throughout the system, allowing the use of more powerful processors.

the 1street from Supermicro’s complete line of EDSFF servers in 1U and 2U form factors
INTEL – DP Storage Servers SSG-121E-NE316R (1U16 E3.S) SSG-221E-NE324R (2U32 E3.S)AMD Storage Servers – UP ASG-1115S-NE316R (1U16 E3.S) ASG-2115S-NE332R (2U32 E3.S)
SSG-121E-NES24R (1U24 E1.S)

For more information on the Supermicro SSG-121E-NE316R, visit Supermicro.

For more information on Supermicro’s Petascale All-Flash server solutions, visit Supermicro.

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