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Kearney’s companies has deployed by Powerfleet SaaS based fleet intelligence platform, Unit. Combined with Powerfleet’s telematics devices and dash cam solutions, Kearney has system agnostic to ingest, process and enrich data from every vehicle and asset. With Powerfleet’s data insights, Kearney has a true single pane of glass to automate and make informed decisions to protect assets, increase productivity and most importantly improve the safety of their people.

“Powerfleet’s smart solution complements our approach to delivering the highest quality of work to our customers and helps our employees do their jobs efficiently and safely,” says Tom Spangler, CFO of The Kearney Companies. “The ability to quickly make sense of myriad data, backed by Powerfleet’s dynamic and intuitive interface, intrigued us. Additionally, deployment to our various sites and repositories went smoothly. We are working with a true partner who puts our needs and those of our customers first.”

Because Kearney will be optimizing their systems and operating from a data center, they will be able to harness the power of Powerfleet to capitalize on the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). This enables Kearney to proactively analyze and manage risky driving situations across its current fleet of 90 roadworthy vehicles. In addition, they will take advantage of real-time alerts to strengthen safety programs, reduce accidents, increase safety, and reduce insurance costs.

Kearney can also access hours of use, as well as automate preventative maintenance tasks. Additionally, Kearney gains insight into fuel usage by examining behaviors such as excessive idling and detecting unexpected fuel leaks.

“At Powerfleet, we prioritize people-powered IoT in meeting the changing needs of our customers,” says Steve Towe, CEO of Powerfleet. “The goal of our purpose-built solution is not only to save time and money for our customers, but also to save lives, through increased security measures and real-time interactions. Kearney can improve monitoring of it, ensuring safety, efficiency and visibility for his entire team.”

More information on the Powerfleet solution for construction is available here.

Additionally, Conexpo attendees can learn more at Powerfleet booth N10131 from March 14-18, 2023. Contact us here to schedule a meeting with our experts.

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