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Bangalore, India – infosys, a global provider of next-generation digital services and consulting, has announced the launch of Private 5G as a Service to accelerate business value for its enterprise customers around the world. Infosys Private 5G as a Service offers a simple and flexible pay-as-you-go solution for customers. Infosys’ wireless 5G expertise and private network management solution ensure high-bandwidth, low-latency, and reliable wireless connectivity for businesses.

Private 5G as a Service is customized to specific customer needs and implemented quickly and on time. To reduce deployment complexity, Infosys has pre-integrated the 5G stack from multiple product vendors and tested it with different use case requirements. Private 5G as a Service is managed by a unified management solution, which provides real-time information on the operation and performance of the private 5G network.

Infosys’ private 5G as a service incorporates multiple access edge computing (MEC), which further reduces network delay by minimizing the time required for data processing. This enables much more reliable network operation for high-bandwidth enterprise use cases such as remotely guided vehicles, drone-based real-time analytics, high-definition video and media analytics, metaverse solutions, and a variety of IoT/Industrial IoT applications. Infosys’ collaboration with its ecosystem of partners offers reduced time to market and reduced total cost of ownership of private 5G deployment for its customers.

Mukesh Dialani, vice president of research, digital engineering and operational technology services at IDC, says “5G technology can accelerate business transformation goals for companies. Infosys Private 5G as a Service brings together years of industry experience through pre-integrated vertical business solutions, modular architecture, and a broad ecosystem of partners to help enterprises evolve their existing operating environments and seize future business opportunities. Beyond the increased cost benefits for companies across all industries, the solution is scalable and is also offered in a flexible as-a-service model.”

Mark Colaluca, vice president/group of GM communications technology at hpe, says: “Businesses see private 5G as an enabler for their digital transformation, and Infosys’ approach of vertically aligned, pre-integrated business solutions can accelerate 5G adoption. HPE and Infosys are working together to combine HPE private 5G solutions with Infosys’ as-a-service offering and pre-integrated vertical use cases for faster customer value.”

Dinesh Rao, Executive Vice President, Co-Head of Delivery at Infosys, says “Today’s changing market dynamics, disruptive business models, and regulatory compliance necessitate an effective strategy to accelerate digital transformation through 5G adoption. At Infosys, we are leveraging our global 5G expertise to deliver private 5G as a reliable, secure and cost-effective service, with an agile delivery approach. This is to support our clients on their transformation journey and help them realize business benefits. Our customizable solutions for vertical domains will help clients succeed in a competitive landscape. At the same time, we will continue to collaborate with industry bodies and consortia.”

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