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I would love to see a feature to save workspaces. There is some kind of bug in Layout that has persisted for me through the last two years of updates where, very often, after an unpredictable click on some text, the software has a 20 second seizure and when it recovers, my workspace returns to its default settings. Sounds silly to add a function to fix a bug… yes.

Great idea. I wonder why this was added years ago. It just says that an invalid length was entered now. We can do this in AutoCad, right? I’m sure you used to write stuff like that in a CAD program you were using before.

I’m using SketchUp to build an off-grid house, solar panel installation, garage, etc.

It would be very helpful if you could have the SketchUp display dimensions in inches, not feet/inches.

When I measure the length of a board and SketchUp tells me it’s 2′ 8″ 5/16, that doesn’t help me when I use a tape measure. Any carpenter would report the measurement as 32 5/16″. So every time I use the measure tool to get the dimensions of my design before I cut the wood, I have to convert feet-inches to just inches. Not difficult, but an extra step.

I know I can set the dimensions to be just inches with decimals, ie 32.3125″, but I don’t get the fractional 1/16″ I use on my tape measure.

Thank you!

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Hello. I often feel the need to be able to group materials. When I have very complex models, with many materials, and logical portions of objects. bye

Yeah, I was working on my scenes and wished I could have a folders tab to organize my scenes. That is, detail folder scene, structure folder scene, architectural scene folder, etc. I use my one model for everything because it gets overwhelming with multiple files.

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I appreciate that the latest version doesn’t allow tag creation from the entity info panel (you can only assign a pre-existing tag), but it does make the process of creating and assigning a new tag quite cumbersome, and this is something that I make a batch. How about a prompt to confirm the creation of a new tag if you do it via the tag dropdown in the entity info panel? That way, there are no inadvertent labels, but it’s simplified to move entities to new labels.

Thank you!

I’d like to vote to remove (or reject) the rotate feature within the Move tool. This is by far the most annoying feature in SU imo. I use the Move Tool to move things and the Rotate Tool to rotate things. The rotate feature in the Move tool comes along too easily and constantly gets in the way of moving something. I understand why it exists, but it looks like it could be part of the Rotate tool, with a modifier key, instead of blending in with the Move tool.

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I agree, it bothers me especially in LayOut.

I code W for Move and R for Rotate.

First of all, I am NOT asking to add extensions to the web version. I know the reasons why it is almost impossible to do so.

What I am asking is to ADD some additional tools to the web version. These 3 tools would benefit the software because it competes with other hobby versions of other software. ADD them as in the code in the same way that the push/pull tool is coded in the software. Make these 3 tools part of the software.

Adding a loft tool would be awesome on the web versions, including free and purchased ones. With today’s 3D printing technology, it’s nice to have a lofting feature in the free version. Try to do MPCNC feet without lofting, it’s hard. Many things that we 3D print are raised objects. Printing is now a very common thing at home

Next would be the ability to extrude a curved surface or a section of a curved surface. This is useful for many items that people 3D print. But even on woodworking plans, it’s nice to be able to extrude a curved surface. I know many moms who would love to use SketchUp Web to design crafts and basic home ideas in 3D or draft a design for a sculpture they want to make or create at home.

the last one isn’t as important as the others, but a good spline tool would be great. Or at least a way to better control arcs. That is, drag a handle to change its shape.

the merit behind these tools would be

  1. Happy customers. I have read the Facebook ads and the comments on those ads. Loft and spline capability have been mentioned several times. You would be surprised how 2 additional tools like transition and extrude a curved surface could attract so many more users.

  2. Being able to compete with other companies that offer free versions of hobby. Adding 2 additional tools would increase its popularity as a hobby version software, which would hopefully lead more users to buy the pro version or at least the store version.

According to the sketchup page:
“SketchUp Free is a new way to use SketchUp for free. It is intentionally not the same as our desktop software because, going forward, we are designing our free app for home and hobby use.”

  1. Get more users to use the free version of the software, and then use it as a selling point for them to access the store version and get even more tools and features.

  2. The Sketchup team has stated that the purpose of the free web version is for home and hobby use. Most home and hobby uses are for woodworking, 3D printing, basic cnc operations, crafts, art, and basic plans for sheds, houses, etc. Having the ability to loft and extrude curved surfaces for hobbies would be great. Most hobbyists who want to use SketchUp Web are doing some form of 3D printing. The MPCNC is a great example

Thank you for reading:)

A year ago I posted about multi-user collaboration on SketchUp web and today I found out that Autodesk FormIt featured it Conceptual Design Snippet: Collaboration in FormIt Pro (2 of 6) – YouTube

Others are also reading this forum.

By the way, Minecraft had it from the beginning I think.
My son was surprised that it didn’t exist in SketchUp…



I would love for them to add a simple change to the warehouse system;
An option where you can like content so it automatically goes to your likes section
so you can download it later or download many objects simultaneously!

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The ability to undo a deselect action. Many times, I have carefully selected and deselected multiple objects in preparation for a group or other batch operation only to accidentally select something and lose my selection.

I request the ability to change the case of words in AutoText fields for layout

A lot of technical title blocks use ALL CAPS for important information fields, including the date modified. however, in Layout at this time we don’t have the option.

I would like mmmm or MMMM to be case sensitive.

Feature request DESIGN:

Option to batch export sheets (pages) individually with files automatically named based on page name. I’D LOVE TO!

purpose: I create interior detail sheets in sketches/design, export pdfs and insert said pdfs into autocad so that the title block information is consistent with the full assembly. Each design page PDF export becomes its own sheet in an autocad file. Great way to combine the best of Cad with the best of Sketchup for illustrative document sets.

Thank you!

I request that tags be used the way tags are normally used (in the digital world): that we can attach more than one tag to an object if we want to. In effect, they would be just like Gmail labels, or any other place tag or label found online.

This would offer a much cleaner, easier, and more robust method of organizing objects into collections instead of trying to do it with groups (which isn’t always possible).

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What SketchUp & Layout lacks to become a true BIM alternative.

  1. Section fill material for groups and components.
  2. Levels for object reference, including sea level.
  3. A multipoint dimension line in Layout like in Revit or Archicad. (with full properties like opening height, center mark, etc.)
  4. The ability to create an annotation object in Layout with graphic symbols that extract information from the model such as height, slope, comments, material, etc.
  5. One click edit annotation text in Layout with convenient text properties and multilingual support.

That’s all! He’s so close but he never takes another step.

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