How to Edit an Imported .OBJ or .FBX Textured Mesh File

I have imported a small set of textured mesh in .obj format that is made up of several components (lots of geometry). I can right click and edit a large component to select the smaller random components and then delete them. I would like to know how to cut a uniform square area from the mesh. Here’s a screenshot of what the import looks like with one of the non-uniform components removed. Please let me know what tools will allow me to complete this operation. Thank you.

Am I reading this right? No one responded to this? You would put a square outside the area you want to clip, double-click to select its bounding edges, then convert it to a group, edit the group and extrude the square hole where you want it to go, then break out of the group and explode (making a big rectangular bar pass where you want it), cross the faces (with the model? Context?), then run the Solid inspector and delete the resulting internal geometry, then go back and delete the parts of the model you don’t need.

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What program did you use for this photogrammetry? Or how did you get the mesh?

The textured mesh was obtained from Nearmap.

I’m not sure I fully understand the question as the solution seems simple to me. To remove a part of the mesh, first create the shape you want to remove and convert it to a group.

Then place it inside the construction mesh group and with the mesh and shape selected… right click and choose ‘intersect with selection’.

You can then select, group, and remove or hide the piece that you don’t want to form the larger mesh.

How could I import the model to draw with texture?

Use an importer. The textures must be preserved. See this recent thread where I showed how to import OBJ assets from Megascans using the Transmutr extension.

I made a photogrammetric model with 900 photo from Agisoft metashape. I export successfully… I can also import my model to Meshlab and I can see the textured model in great quality… But I both tried skimp and transmutr. reduced size. Import texture. but i can’t see the texture in the model

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